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Three Little Birds

How can I deny your existence, through my struggles you have shown me comfort and unconditional love.

I've decided to start writing about my spiritual experiences not only to vent but perhaps to inspire and give hope to others that can't yet see the light in the darkness.
We are not alone! There is an abundance of love and support that is waiting for us to invite into our life, all we have to do is open our heart. Throughout this challenging journey, I welcomed archangels and angels into my life. With their kind, loving, and inspiring help, I found healing.

Yes, it is exciting for me to share my experiences but I also felt worried about being judged and maybe labeled or casted out like the Salem witches because I can communicate with my angels.
As I doubted and questioned myself about which path to take, my phone starts playing the song "Three Little Birds," by Bob Marley. I grab my phone to see what app was open, and the first lyric that plays is "this is a message to you, cause every little thing is gonna be alright, rise up this morning." You see, this particular morning I was doubting myself alot about going through with this. Although, they kept telling me everything was going to be ok in this path, I felt reluctant until they played that song for me that translated the same message.

Thank you angels! I hear you.

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