Angel Communication Divine Intervention Premonition

There’s going to be a car accident…

As I’m driving to pick up my first born from school, I hear “there’s going to be a car accident, not you, your safe.”

My natural instinct puts me on high alert and my driving anxiety is heightened. I call on archangel Michael for protection and I’m quickly soothed with comfort as I hear “just drive slow before the curve.” 

I reduce my speed drastically as I’m a couple of feet from the sharp curve and an SUV hydroplanes 360 from the oncoming lane onto mine. Not only did it hydroplane and spin three times, but it was coming from the opposite traffic onto my lane, head on.  As I see this happen, I pray and take a deep breath. It felt like I was watching this unfold in slow motion.

The SUV suddenly stops spinning 4 yards in front of me and drives off like nothing.

If I would have been driving the speed limit at the curve, that SUV would have impacted my vehicle head on and drove me into a ditch. Clearly my youngest and I would have been severely hurt.

Thank you archangel Michael & my team of divine light. Thank you God! Thank you Creator of all beings!

I hear you clearly.


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