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Real Tea On Soulmates


A life of emotional and mental torture, suffering, and emotional masochism.

It has become so intriguing to me why some people have this amazing connection and attraction towards each other. Physically you can see the body language sending signals to one another. The energetic connection is real and intense. Clearly the bodies crave each other like they remember one another very passionately. It’s like fire when soulmates unite in a lifetime. But let me explain that it’s not just physical, it’s a spiritual organic connection at a soul level, where each soul remembers the unique energetic imprints from a previous life together. The souls recognize each other.  So when a soul meets a soulmate, the bond from a past life is reignited and so difficult to extinguish. It’s an uncanny connection that is immediately recognized from both parties. 

But, please run the opposite direction! When soulmates recognize each other, prepare to suffer lots of narcissistic abuse and fu**ed up mind games and love triangles that cycle throughout many lifetimes. Soulmates are soul contracts that we agree upon during a previous life or in spirit form after we transition from a life and audit our experiences of that particular life. Let me break it down. Our souls are immortal, our bodies die, and once our soul transitions or moves on from the 3rd dimension, it looks back at the life it lived. Imagine watching a playback of all the good and bad in your life, your own documentary of that life in energetic imprints that have impacted your soul. This is where things get a little complicated. You see, from these energetic imprints we create soul contracts with other souls that we have caused pain or suffering to in that life. For example, you meet someone who you have soul contract with. In a past life you didn’t commit solely to this person and you treated this person like sh*t. This person kept loyal to you and no matter how much bullsh*t you put that person through, they still loved you and desired to be with you. Guess what? That desire, love, and will for your love is carried on through energetic soul imprints straight into another life. This is the most common soulmate connection. Our souls are pure, kind and compassionate, sometimes we cause our own punishment for the pain and suffering we have caused onto others in a previous life. Our own soul makes the decision to experience the same pain we caused to another person in a new life. Once reincarnated the roles are swapped between these two souls, more mental, emotional and sometimes physical abuse is experienced. 


Why do we keep making soul contracts? I have come to a realization that we come here to experience a lot of bullsh*t love games, love triangles, and emotional and physical debaucherys. This is our soul that comes into this lovely human body to experience love in all its many forms, including really fuc**d up soul contracts like soulmates. It always gives me goosebumps when people say “I want to meet my soulmate.” It’s not pretty but a very painful and toxic relationship that no matter what the abuser does to hurt you, there’s something that doesn’t let you leave them. It’s like a crazy addiction towards each other. Two souls fused by pain, crazy lust, and a very peculiar attraction that feels like you need to come back for more. It’s like emotional masochism at it’s best because each rejection and act of abandonment pulls you closer to your lover. It’s quite astonishing to see a soulmate connection, there is true love behind all that pain and suffering. Unfortunately, the soul only recognizes the role it came here to play in this lifetime. It can be pretty messy, and definitely full of drama, adultery, abuse and suffering. 

Are soulmates meant to be together? No, not always. I have seen many soulmates go through years of off and on relationships. It’s pretty f**ked up sh*t they do to each other. At one point one person desires to change for the love of the other, but once they’ve determined to make that sacrifice, the other becomes the abuser. It’s a constant swap of victim and abuser roles. In another soulmate relationship, one person is married and never fully available to commit, so the other person has to commit to just being the mistress. Like the movie “Fatal Attraction,” this is the most common soulmate relationship that ends up with the mistress being tormented and completely obsessed with the abuser leading her to severe attachment issues and even suicide. 


Can soulmates live happily ever after together? After a life long of serious mind games, non monogamous relationships and attachment issues together, yes it’s possible for soulmates to awaken and be conscious and aware of wanting to change and forgive each other. What I have learned is that ones own healing journey is the catalyst to another’s healing. We naturally strive for kindness and compassion. Keep in mind that our souls are of pure love, we get tired to playing the same role over and over and carrying the same energetic imprints of suffering into yet another life. It is our natural desire to want to ascend. It may take 10 or 40 years but we are constantly evolving. 

Can soul contracts be broken or released? Yes, soul contracts can be broken. We have free will. This can be done in multiple ways through a soul retrieval or in Akasha.  Not many people can break soul contracts, so please make sure you find someone who is knowledgeable in helping you release this energetic imprint. I work with a lot of divine beings, they assist me in cutting cords from people and releasing soul contracts. Sometimes it’s a waiting game until one is ready to break the soul agreement. It can get messier at first until the energy settles into the new normal. Once the soul contract is relinquished, nothing is holding you back from ending that toxic relationship or better yet, the addiction and crave for your lover is gone. The one thing that remains is the love and compassion to that soul, and it’s easier to let go or perhaps work on forgiveness. So it’s pretty serious sh*t!

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