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Psychic or Not

I don’t want to be labeled a psychic. My dilemma is that I don’t want to be your typical Miss Cleo psychic that you can call for generic guidance. Yes, I have amazing abilities that allow me to see beyond 3D, but I don’t want to use my abilities to answer questions that you can answer for yourself. We are free will and we can manifest anything in our reality. I’m devoted to my spiritual practice and have worked hard. I still continue to do lots of research to better understand my abilities and I want to put them to good use. If you’re looking for answers to when you’ll get married or if you’re spouse loves you, I might not be the right fit to assist you. If you want to know how to manifest abundance or learn how to connect with your higher self then I’m your girl! If you need guidance on developing or discovering your intuitive gifts, interested in expanding your spiritual practice, or if your dedicated to evolving your consciousness then we will rock this together.  
I too have had my share of bad experiences with people who call themselves a psychic, perhaps this is where this dilemma took life and I don’t like the word psychic. In the beginning of my awakening, I sought the help of a couple of psychics. I didn’t know what I was experiencing, and felt like a psychic could point me in the right direction and tell me wtf was going on with me.
In the beginning of my awakening I began to hear voices, see and feel energy, and my empathic abilities where through the roof. It was a time that I remember feeling like I was going to float away into space. I was really concerned about what I was experiencing and found this energy thing very paranormal at that time.
During this time I discovered that not all psychics are created equal. There are some people that prey on others that are vulnerable. I learned that not all psychics can channel, or see and feel energy and everyone’s gifts are different.  Some psychics use tools, others just try to read your body language. Every psychic has their own boundaries and code of ethics and this is where some lack compassion and honesty. In one occasion I was told by a psychic that someone put a third eye on me and that’s why I was having all these cray  experiences. This psychic wanted me to pay $1000 to remove this 3rd eye so that my life can be back to normal. Lol! I had another psychic tell me that I was cursed  and she could remove the curse for $300. I will never be like these people. When I accepted my gifts and chose to be of service to source and this lovely universe, I vowed to always keep it real!!! I don’t want to lie to people, or pretend like I know all the answers. I want to genuinely help people connect with their higher selves. I want to inspire and help people connect with source energy and creator of all beings and their wisdom. I want to help people learn how to heal themselves or to get in touch with their gifts.
When people seek my help, I take my work serious. If I don’t know an answer to my clients question, I let them know I don’t know the answer.  I’m passionate about being of service to source and  I’m devoted to giving genuine and authentic guidance through all my sessions. I’m honored to be of service to Gaia and its inhabitants and I don’t take it for granted. I’m committed to every single session and I respect every single being I’m meant to help. My awakening has made my heart  and soul full of compassion and I don’t judge anyone. My awakening experience has helped me see beyond our imperfections, deeper at a soul level.  My abilities allow me to see the story behind the curtains of your soul, your pain and struggle, your story. 
Beyond the adjective of psychic, I identify as a healer. Yes, I have these amazing intuitive abilities but I’m not just a psychic! I’m a goddess of love, an awesome mom and wife, and I can’t express enough how much I love to share my gifts and my experience with others. I’m loving, compassionate and I use my all abilities to help you connect with your most genuine and authentic self. I love to share hope and faith. I love to give validation to others about DIVINE, and the higher source of love that loves us unconditionally. I love to help other lightworkers find their calling and confirm to them that they are not crazy. 
I’m a soldier of love. I’am a healer. I’m a light-worker.  I’am a highly sensitive being that shares and spreads love wherever it’s needed.
Just like you, I’m following my own spiritual calling. Psychic or not, I will continue discovering my path and continue sharing my gifts with others.

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