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Pablo’s Visit

It had been 2 yrs since Pablo had ran away. After the birth of my second son, he became jealous and started sneaking out and coming back in couple of days. Pablo was a peculiar cat, so affectionate and intelligent. During my pregnancy, he loved to lay next to me as I slept and feel Oscar moving on his belly as he laid on my chest. I was only allowed to caress him when he allowed me to, I was equal to him and we respected each other. Pablo understood my boundaries and I understood  his. One day Pablo left to one of his escapades and never came back.

During the peak of my spiritual awakening,  Pablo came to visit me one night.  As he laid next to me, he told me he had gotten ran over by a car and his physical body didn’t survive. I was stunned, you see before this I had not communicated with animals like this. I did have other spiritual encounters that have left an impression in my life and I had visitations before from other fur babies I have had but never a visitation like Pablo’s. My other visitations with other animals, where just apparitions and more like spiritual signs where I could feel their spirit energy present, but not full on articulate communication.

Pablo is a highly evolved soul and he knew how to contact me and how to communicate. Pablo stayed that night and slept with my husband and I in the bed. It was so comforting knowing that he was OK. My kids and I always wondered what happened to him  before his visit. My oldest son and my husband would often joke  and exchange stories that explained why he left. One of them was that he left to another home because they fed him better food and pampered him more  than we did. I felt honored and touched that he came to say goodbye before he left this 3D reality. Every now and then he pops up, specifically when I go walking around my neighborhood or when my husband and I are in bed. He loves to cuddle with us in bed and still visits us now.  Animals have a soul too and just like us humans, they have their own personality. Some animals can communicate as articulate as us or better and others with visuals or pictures.

It’s an amazing experience to communicate with animals. After Pablo’s visitation my spiritual journey continued to evolve. I had a friends cat named Wendy visit me since Pablo’s goodbye, but that kitty is still physically alive and can astral travel. Wendy is another highly intelligent being with advanced communication skills. Like Pablo, she understands that we are on the same level of consciousness. Wendy has reincarnated many times and her soul is as evolved as other human souls.

Since Pablo’s visit, my animal communication skills and spiritual practices have evolved too, and I have accepted my spiritual path as a healer and spiritual development coach. Just as I can connect with human energy, I can connect with animal energy and its easier and more energetically efficient. This has come very handy in communicating with animals that are having health or behavioral issues that need to express these issues with their human companions. Animals always have something to say! It’s one of my favorite intuitive abilities and most amazing sessions.

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