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Lucid Dreams

Months ago I used to help an acquaintance with her most diverse or peculiar unsolved client cases. She’d contact me when she’d  hit a roadblock in some of her clients cases or when she needed some guidance and the help of my angels. Before her phone call, I already had a download of what the issue was and cause of the problem. So, when she called me that day in January, I knew that we where dealing with elemental beings.
Before this, I already had my own experiences with faeries, shadow beings, earth bound spirits, other darker beings and of course angel’s and ascended masters. My angel’s are always there when I need their help or when someone else needs  guidance. Before she called,  I knew that there was portal in her clients bedroom, and her client had already seen these beings, as well as her daughter. The elemental being’s energy did not feel threatening to me at all because the frequency of their energy wasn’t vibrating low like other dark beings I had previously encountered. But her client and her daughter where  being attacked, including their dog. I passed on the advise from my angels, but still felt uneasy about the case that night and I asked my angels for guidance, just in case I missed anything. 
When I spoke to her client over the phone, I connected to these beings and they didn’t seemed harmful or threatening to me.  I asked if they where demonic and they said they weren’t. Every being we share this and other dimensions with, knows we have dominion and when asked who or what they are, they must answer. So, after the session I asked my angel’s to show me what these beings where and to tell me if they where harmful. You see, I’m human, I acknowledge that there are other beings and energy I haven’t yet encountered, and that this side of all things beyond 3D, I’m still learning about. When I set forth on my spiritual path and helping others, I asked my angel’s to let me know if at any time I give wrong information or make a mistake. And from previous experiences, they communicate with me through dreams or during meditation. In these dreams, I know I am sleeping and dreaming. In these lucid dreams, I’m very aware of everything, I remember vivid details and feelings, and  my angel’s give me in depth information and what I must know to help a client. This particular time, I wasn’t able to pick up that these beings where malevolent. When I communicated with them it was the first time I had come across this particular type of elemental being.
That night, my angel’s contacted me through a lucid dream. In my dream I saw these elemental beings and they where torturing me, by pinching me really hard and twisting my fingers. I wasn’t in my physical body as Jessica and it wasn’t me, I was seeing this unfold through the eyes of her client. I was terrified at first, these beings looked a bit scary, not like the faeries you’re used to seeing on Peter Pan. In my dream I asked my angels what  they where, and they said goblins. These goblins had three toes in each foot and very long and skinny fingers. I also saw them torturing her dog and twisting his toes. These goblins knew I was present and they tried to intimidate me, and told me they would show me who I was. I became a little frightened but I could feel my angel’s were there with me and I asked them to help me wake up and get out of this dream. As I wake up, I hear one of my angel’s say, tell her to close the portal first and bind them. My angel’s also gave me further information of how these goblins got there and why they where attacking them. I knew I was safe in my dream and to felt curious about these beings but the physical appearance of these goblins was  scary to me and intimidating. The next morning, I immediately text my acquaintance and tell her about my dream and what my angel’s said. Since the goblins where binded and the portal was closed, her client has not had any more encounters with them.
Before this I have had  plenty of lucid dreams where my spirit guides and angels communicated with me. Lucid dream are dreams where one is aware that we are dreaming and sometimes we have control in these dreams. Sometimes we can astral travel during these dreams and go anywhere. In my earlier lucid dreams I used to love to hang  out in the clouds and fly really high in the sky, like a bird. In other lucid dreams my angels have been able to warn me about natural disasters, or major world events. Other times they warn me about family issues that may arise, or even give me guidance about someone trying to take advantage of me, before it happens. At the time of the dream, these dreams don’t make sense, and it’s hard to believe what they are showing me because of the small details I can remember, but once the event occurs, it surreal.
I’m still  getting used to these lucid dreams and how vivid they are. One thing for sure is that my connection with my angels and divine has gotten stronger. My angels are constantly teaching me and guiding me throughout my spiritual path. It’s an amazing feeling knowing they have my back! It’s also pretty incredible to be able to help others with my intuitive abilities and with the help of my angels be a part of their spiritual journey.
If you are having lucid dreams, start journaling them and try to write as much of what you remember, including how you felt and other details that capture your attention. It helps to go back to these journal entries and reference what you already have experienced, or what exactly the dream was or meant. Spirituality can seem frightening but be open to spiritual enlightenment and embrace your spiritual journey! 

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