My Story

I’ve always known I was sensitive to energies, but never imagined I had this amazing gift until I reached a dark place in my life. In my journey I had to experience darkness, but more importantly learned that all you have to do is ask for Divine assistance. Yes, there are many Ascended Masters, but my spiritual journey began with Jesus. This is how my relationship with Archangels began.

I’m an angel channeler, animal & nature communicator and also an intuitive energy healer.

Throughout my life I acknowledged my intuitive abilities but chose to ignore them. I instead focused on having a “normal life” and pursued a Bachelors in Biological & Physical Sciences. It was until after the birth of my second son that my spiritual intuitive abilities could no longer be ignored. With the guidance of my angels, I embraced my gifts and began giving angel channeling and oracle readings to friends and family. In my personal healing path, daily Reiki self treatments heightened my ability to channel multidimensional divine light beings. Therefore my energy healing sessions evolved into a more powerful healing experience with enduring results by combining universal life force energy and divine light energy together. During the time I began doing energy healing sessions for others, I discovered my passion to be of service to divine source of love and to other lightworkers in the making. I discovered a passion to educate others through my own spiritual practice and personal awakening experience. I’am clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, clairtangent, clairgustant, claircognizant and only channels beings of divine light.


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I didn’t know where to begin when I started getting stressed, having anxiety attacks, high blood pressure, Back pain, feeling hopeless, loss, feeling ungrounded and weak. I just knew that I didn’t want to die. I searched online for THE BEST HEALERS IN TEXAS and found reiki energy healing. I didn’t know what reiki meant but I knew I wanted to get reiki. Everything changed when I met Jessica and she helped open up my chakras. I didn’t know what reiki and chakra meant until I did my research but one thing's for sure is that it’s life changing. When I pulled up to get my first reiki session I wasn’t breathing too good and my blood pressure was up. After I left Jessica I felt a relief not completely but enough to feel the difference. Jessica told me that things would get better each day and I didn’t believe her. She was right, things are getting better each day. Jessica sent me some motivational speakers to listen to along with the process and it has never been my go to but it has become my go to every morning. I now meditate which I didn’t think would help but it helps a lot. I’m currently still working with Jessica as of 6/21/2018 because she’s awesome at what she does and has opened my eyes up about life in general."
Janisha T.