Frequently Asked Questions


What to Expect

Any reading or channeling should be fun or exciting, informative and peaceful, but never scary. Divine energy is gentle and loving; therefore messages from your angels or ascended masters are always gentle and for your highest and most loving good.

We must understand that we have free will. Although the angels can give you a heads up on some event, your actions and energetic vibration can influence the outcome. Like a butterfly effect, any small change can create a significant outcome.

I will not give a reading without permission being granted from the specific person that the reading is focused on. For example:  If you want to do a reading about your ex-husband or his current wife, I need their consent. It’s unethical for me to tap into their energy without their consent, I will not do it.

I only connect with high vibrational beings of divine light.

Legal disclaimer

Please note that my readings are legally defined as being offered exclusively for entertainment purposes.

Medical concerns should be consulted with a physician.

Legal concerns should be consulted with a lawyer.

Refund Policy

Refund is given if  I CANNOT connect with a client’s energy during phone or video reading.

If within 10 minutes of a reading a client is not satisfied with a phone or video reading, a refund is provided.

NO refund is given for email readings.


Phone or video readings may be cancelled with advance notice.