Since I was a child I didn't understand why I could pick up others feelings, emotions & thoughts. I struggled to differentiate my own shiz vs. others emotionals. I know T.V. glamourises this ability but sometimes it's just a brain f**k. Pardon my French, but that's just what it feels like.                                                                                                                    

As a young teen to young adult I kept a small circle of friends, literally a handful. As a teen, I could tolerate being around people that where happy and had high self esteem vs. depressed and angry people who weren't happy with who they where. And let me tell you, being around angry people is the worst. It repelled me, it was such an uncomfortable feeling, that it made me feel sick. Sadness is another emotion that's difficult to deal with as an empath. Specifically, if you don't yet know who you are, it can be brutal to distinguish if it's your own emotion or someone else's. Teen years are already a difficult time for most. Imagine trying to figure out who you are & picking up on your best friends ideas and emotions and wondering later WTF is wrong with me. I had lots of those moments growing up, but I know even people who aren't empathic feel this way. So, I've labeled these memories and brief bipolar type moments as simply good times in my memory bank. 😉
As an adult I'm learning to appreciate this gift and learn how to control it. It has made me more compassionate for others. It has also made me more compassionate with people that may seem crazy, odd or just different. It's still not as glamorous as T.V. plays it out to be but it's a gift that makes you more aware of your own feelings and shiz.

Being empathic may be a roller coaster of emotions, and others junky feelings but it's an amazing gift that many don't embrace. There is no Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, so empathy may be difficult to understand. Specially since all these mental diagnosis and western medical practices pretty much opose to having extraordinary senses like empathy. Far from the truth in most cases, people naturally label themself as schizophrenic, or bipolar.

Fortunately, the new age movement is happening and spirituality is being explored more. Scientist are starting to explore these gifts, and more people are identifying themselves as an empath. As a mother to two lovely sensitive children, I encourage them to be who they are. I teach them to love themselves and to embrace not being different but extraordinary. If you identify with being an empath, there is nothing wrong with you! You are extraordinary! Explore your gift and have fun getting to know your authentic self. Look for groups online or in person that are new age or open to spirituality. Search meet up groups near your city and explore this gift, you'd be surprised of how many can relate to what you're experiencing!

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