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Catalyst of Love

Why do I keep getting the same message? Every morning when I wake up, I connect with my divine team and sometimes I pull an oracle card out to focus my week on. For weeks I kept getting the same message.


I’ve been on this inner healing journey for a while now and forgiveness is something I’m working on.

So, what is forgiveness?

Forgiveness isn’t pretending that something didn’t happen, but acknowledging it did. Forgiveness is facing the pain or person and setting boundaries.
Forgiveness is letting go of the past and making room for growth and love. Not letting hurt control you or manipulate your feelings. Forgiveness is also moving forward and not forgetting. It’s appreciating who you are.
Forgiveness is loving yourself more for all your small imperfections and embracing your inner Goddess/ God.
Forgiveness is not allowing pain to control your life. It is saying I surrender to love and not fear and anger.
Forgiveness is starting over without any expectation other than love and compassion.
Forgiveness is removing the power that pain had on you, your beliefs, your faith, your soul. Knowing that the power of deception, hurt, anger and fear no longer control you. Because when you forgive you transform that dark power into love, and love heals all.
So, be gentle with yourself on this journey. Love yourself a little more. Embrace this process and be proud of yourself for choosing this path.

Yes, forgiveness is not easy. Why hold on to all that pain in your soul?  When we forgive, we open our heart to love, compassion, acceptance, joy and abundance. I have seen and experienced this throughout my journey and in many of my clients. Those who chose to not let go and dwell in emotional pain, carry such burden that dictates every aspect of their life and doesn’t allow them to grow and experience life to the fullest. It’s like being in a box and being restricted or unable to grow.

Love yourself a little more and let go of that sh**. Take a deep breathe and take it one day at a time. Surrender and embrace this act of compassion and be proud of yourself.

At the end of the day, the cause of the hurt is one that will be at the mercy of the universe. It’s not about revenge but letting go and allowing yourself to heal. Be the catalyst of love.


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