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Am I being haunted?

Many times I get clients that worry about their homes being haunted. Many times they believe it may be something demonic or a ghost. But do haunted houses really exist? 

Before my spiritual awakening, I didn’t understand what a haunted house really was. I saw many horror movies that depicted a home with demons and scary ghosts that terrified the living inhabitants with the intention of possessing them or scaring them to death or even kicking them out of the home.

Clearly it’s not always like this 99% of the time. The house I grew up in always had earthbound spirits, malevolent, and demonic entities that came in and out but it wasn’t like T.V. or movies portray a haunted house. More recently, and for the past almost 11 and a half years, I lived in what a normal person would consider a haunted house. Yes, there have been moments where creepy, unexpected, and unexplained things have occurred in my previous home or the home where I grew up in but not so much like the storylines in most horror movies.

There are many things that can be interpreted as a haunting. Many times, it is residual energy or residual emotional energy that needs to be cleared. Houses, and anywhere we humans inhabit, can absorb energy and we leave imprints of our energy everywhere. Sadness, depression, happiness, fear etc., are imprinted in the spaces we most spend our time in. Any object can soak up any emotion attached to any event in our life. This energy becomes imprinted in the home or personal belongings (even vehicles) and can be cycled and replayed over and over. This is what is often mistaken as ghost activity or even demonic activity depending in the residual energy or residual emotional energy being expressed in that particular home. This is why most older homes are often depicted as a number 1 haunted location. Older homes have a longer history over many individuals’ lifespans, and many layers of residual energy and residual emotional energy are imprinted for many years. This energy is then cycled and can be perceived by visitors or new living inhabitants and is often misunderstood.

Other times, when remodeling of the home is being done, or the birth a child, or when a new roommate moves in, the energy and frequency changes. The change in the energy frequency causes a disruption for other entities not seen by naked eye that share that same space. This is another most common scenario and most common occurrence mistaken for an earth-bound spirit or ghost. Sometimes it can be an elemental being and even shadow people. Earth bound spirits rarely stay in one place unless they get attached to a person, or a host, but this is more of an attachment and another blog itself! And yes!  Spirit sometimes want to get our attention but not like the movies portray it. We do share this dimension with other beings that are benevolent and others can be malevolent if disturbed. But, the majority of spirits or other entities respect boundaries and dominion. Over some time, the energy becomes balanced, specifically when remodeling is over and when things are being preserved to their original state. 

Weird noises or voices can sometimes be taken as a haunting, unbeknownst by the person hearing this, that they may be clairaudient. This means that the person can hear messages from spirits, sometimes internally in the form of mental communication or like the voice in our head. Other clairaudients can hear externally, with their ears. Those like myself who are clairaudient can hear spirits, or other entities like angels and ascended masters; we can also communicate with nature elements and the animal kingdom. Often as a clairaudient, I walk into someone’s home and get the scoop of what’s going on in your personal life by the other spirit inhabitants in the home. They are very chatty, especially animals! If you are clairaudient, you are not being haunted, spirit is just communicating with you and you are capable of tuning into their frequency, similar to a radio channel.

Something else often interpreted as a haunting is our own mental and emotional state. Our own energy body can be perceived as a haunting! Yes, real living people can torment us and others! We are all energy, and we have a tendency to pour out our emotional energy, like a free for all to everyone and anything a couple of feet away from our aura or energy body. Our energy can have a different effect on other people. Our own density and emotional pain can be transmitted to another person to the point that they think they are being attacked or possessed by something paranormal. Similar to how plants breathe, we absorb other people’s energies. Specifically highly sensitive people and children are more vulnerable in absorbing others’ energy. This is one of the most common things that occur and that really make people believe that they are haunted by something paranormal. When in reality they are picking up on their roommates’, coworkers’, or neighbors’ emotional and mental energy.

For some years now, I have been on my own path of all things woo woo and I have a better understanding of how energy works, this has helped me remove the fear of the unknown. Therefore, a lot of what people consider a haunting is not as scary as it seems and has a logical, maybe not scientific perspective, but logical one if you understand how energy works.

My point is that haunted houses are real but not like T.V. or movies portray it. There are many possible things that could be going on but not always demonic or malevolent. It may seem frightening to some people, but only because they don’t understand what is happening and how energy works. Once we figure out what is going on and what is being perceived as a haunting, we can clear the energy and stop the energy from being cycled. If you think you are being haunted or feel the space in your home isn’t peaceful, look for someone that can help identify what’s going on. In majority of the cases, mistaken for hauntings, we need to work on strengthening our own personal boundaries so that others, including spirit entities, don’t cross the line and overstep our personal space. If you feel frightened and don’t feel confident clearing it yourself, it’s best to look for a professional ghostbuster who can handle this for you! You’d be surprised how easy it is sometimes to rid of this phenomenon and bring back peace and balance back into your home and your personal space.

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