Welcome Divine Light Being

I’m Jessica, an angel channeler, intuitive energy healer, and spiritual development coach. I’m excited to take this to the next level. You see, through my own personal journey called life, I discovered I had these amazing abilities. Through my spiritual practice and relationship with my Angels and of course Archangels, I found inspiration to share my gift with others.

My mission is to help and teach you to connect with your higher self.

I’m passionate about educating others who share a desire to be of service to this beautiful planet. I want to convey my desire to help future lightworkers through my own awakening experience.

I don’t just want to help you heal, I want to teach you how to heal yourself! I also want people to know that spirituality doesn’t have to be boring or black and white. Spirituality has changed my life and I see things in a more colorful and vibrant way! It’s a way of life. In addition, my spiritual mission is to help you find wisdom and inspiration in all my sessions through the guidance of your own Divine & Angelic support.

I offer a variety of sessions to help you during your path of spiritual healing.

Session is focused on the client’s physical and mental as well as emotional and spiritual well-being. Angels & beings of divine light are channeled and provide guidance and healing during each session. Chakras are analyzed and balanced. Different techniques and tools are used to remove blockages and allow better flow of energy throughout the body. 

Session focuses on interpreting Angel Oracle cards and Channeling your team of guides. In this session you will receive guidance in General Life, Career/ Work & Relationship/ Romance. I will interpret 9 to 12 cards pulled and channel your Spiritual team for more guidance in these topics.

During this session, I channel your guides and angels to help break through your blocks, heal and answer your questions, and address your concerns with the help of your angels, or love ones who have passed. Our soul is eternal, there is no death & there is no birth, it’s just a transformation.

Connect with the wisdom of your soul! Explore a past life, your soul purpose, lightworker mission, karmic relationships, break unhealthy behaviors or attachments through your akashic records or receive important insight about potential future.

Rose healing ceremony is an ancient shamanic Mexican ritual. In this ceremony the roses share their sacred vibration to facilitate healing to body, mind & soul, cultivating a connection with divine feminine Virgen de Guadalupe guiding the ceremony into heart centered expansion & awareness. Perfect for manifesting love and connecting with divine feminine aspect.

Want to discover your intuitive abilities? If you want to work on developing your intuitive abilities this spiritual coaching session will be great for you! Want to focus on accomplishing a specific goal but don’t know whats holding you back? Ask about long tern spiritual coaching.

Customers reviews

What people say?

I recently had my first experience with an Angelic reading session and it was awesome. Everything that she said happen to me. I praised the Lord for someone like Jessica to come into my life to honestly tell me (through an angel reading) and guide me into the right path. I will continue to go back to Jessica! A wonderful enlightening experience! Thank you!"
Latonya R.
My session with Jessica was amazing. She is so connected and in touch with her talents and gifts. Many of my questions were answered by my Angels and Guides without even having to ask them. The rest of my concerns were addressed in the Q and A session at the end. I am truly blessed to have encountered such an amazing Healer, and will not hesitate to refer her to my friends and family."
Tod H.

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